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"Finally, after so many years of suffering and walking with a cane in August 2020 I received a total knee replacement. My rehabilitation started immediately. I was anxious to get the process started. After ten months of rehab, i made very little progress. My surgeon recommended that I make a physical therapy change and highly recommended to make an appointment with David Feniger at Broadway Physical Therapy. When I walked in the door and sat down with David I realized if only this recommendation was made a few months prior I may have been back on the golf course this past spring, David showed a great deal of compassion and concern along with frustration for the lack of therapy I received at a so-called major therapy center in Bayonne. What a tremendous difference David and his very professional group of therapists accomplished for me. Strengthening much needed muscles and exercise which corrected my balance and ability to walk without assistance, all within three weeks. I am confident that playing golf again is possible, very soon. "
Jul 20, 2021
"After my wrist surgery, I knew exactly where to go for my Physical Therapy...Broadway Physical Therapy. Dr Feniger was great in working on my issues and got me back the use of my hand in record time. He is truly dedicated to making sure his patients get the treatment they need to get their lives back to normal as quick as possible. Thank you so much Dr Feniger!!"
Jun 20, 2021
"I had a bunionectomy Sept. 2020. It went well, but after the bones, healed I experienced a limp. It may have been bec I was favoring the foot too much. My toes were very stiff & my foot & ankle very weak. I waited impatiently, as I am a daily walker, anxious to return to my normal gait & distance. The limp was holding me back & I also was unable to descend steps normally. After 5 1/2 mos I finally began physical therapy. I regret waiting this long & recom. starting asap. I feel I could've recovered sooner & w/o the constant worry that my limp eould never go away. Also, by walking incorrectly, other problems would've arisen. After 2 mos of therapy w David & his team, the mobility of my toes retnd & my ankle is so much stronger! I am walking normally now! I was given many exercises there & for home too. The team took careful note of my progress. I am grateful to them for their skill, knowledge, attentiveness, & friendliness. Also, for their willingness to encourage, & to explain the treatment & its benefits. Oh, I forgot, patience & humor! The center has a very pleasant & clean environment, & Marie & Michele are v accommodating in regard to scheduling appts. A special thank you to Angelica, who worked w me the most. She & David are wonderful. I highly recommend Broadway Physical Therapy to you. "
May 12, 2021
"After months of being in pain with my back (out of nowhere), my primary care physician put me on a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory medication. She said if this didn't help, that I should go for Physical Therapy. Well, the medication only helped temporarily. I'm a preschool teacher so I'm constantly on my feet and sitting in tiny chairs or on the floor. The pain was unbearable and was causing me to feel depressed. I finally researched Physical Therapy places in Bayonne (reading the reviews) and asking people that I know, and decided on Broadway Physical Therapy. After answering some questions, David knew right away what was wrong with me. Angelica worked with me 2-3 times a week, always asking me what felt good and what didn't and then gave me solutions on how to fix those things. After about 6 weeks of PT, I finally feel like myself again. The excruciating pain is gone! I'm still going to do my exercises every day to keep strengthening my core, and to stay strong, but overall I feel good again. Thank you David, Angelica and everyone at Broadway Physical Therapy. You are, without a doubt....The Best!!! "
Apr 10, 2021
"I had surgery on my right and left hand for carpal tunnel. David M. Feniger has taken the time to explain the process of recuperation, what I can and can not do, how to exercise at home, what to expect, many more. The physical therapy that I have received from him has helped tremendously. Every day he takes the time to put work into the specific areas needed and makes it better for me. I am glad I found him and his staff to attend to me. I recommend them 100%. They are very professional, and kind. "
Mar 16, 2021
"I had shoulder surgery back in the beginning of Sept. It was very extensive involving a completely torn rotator cuff, torn labrum and bicep repair. I was told by my ortho that recovery would take anywhere from 7-9 months and thats with going to therapy 3 times a week. He also said that because of my age which is 66, if I can get 70 to 75 per cent use of my shoulder back after the 9 months that he would be happy. Well its been a little over 5 months and i'm extremely happy to say i'm at that mark now and progressing!! Because the surgery was so involved the therapy is probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do but i stay driven thanks to David and his staff. They genuinely care about getting you better. Its all about the patient and whats right for you!! They treat you like they were treating their family and there is no such thing as a clock. If you need more time to complete your exercises, no one is chasing you out because your hour is up. They are there for as long as it takes. Its funny the DR. told me i wouldn't be able to throw a ball for about 7-8 months, but this weekend i had a catch with my grandson wasn' throwing fastballs but I was throwing. Thank you David, Angelica and Elon for your dedication and patience. To throw that ball around with my grandson means the world to me!!!!"
Mar 10, 2021
"Weeks leading up to my total right knee replacement in mid October, my goal was to seek out the BEST physical therapy facility for rehabilitation. I was looking for a facility and staff, that had a very high success rate of recovery. Let me tell you, from my personal experience Broadway Physical Therapy is the BEST of the BEST! The office management as well as the physical therapists treat you like family. They NEVER rush out the door, patients are given undivided attention during their sessions. David evaluated me on my first visit and thoroughly explained to me the road I had ahead of me. Together we worked tirelessly, in achieving my goal of full recovery. Broadway Physical Therapy helped me regain my life. I can now physically take part in activities, that I have not been able to do in YEARS! Thank you Broadway Physical Therapy!"
Feb 15, 2021
"I would like to give a big thank you to David Feniger and his staff at Broadway Physical Therapy. I had 2 major shoulder surgeries in nine months. David and his staff worked tirelessly with me during my recovery. They kept me strong and motivated. David says it's his job, but it is so much more. It is his passion! Each patient is personal and he works hard to bring everyone to their full potential. I am now ready to leave physical therapy. I walk away with NO PAIN and more flexibility and range of motion than I thought possible. I also have a great understanding of how my shoulder works and how to keep it healthy and strong. I highly recommend Broadway Physical Therapy. "
Nov 18, 2020
"I just finished my rehab of a total knee replacement. I am so glad that I listened to David and did the rehab three weeks before surgery. I am 12 weeks out and feel good. My doctor at HSS (Dr. Michael Cross), feels I am way ahead of schedule. I have a severely arthritic knee that should have been replaced 10 years ago. I would not be this far along without the expert help of all the skilled P.T.s Thank You, Mike Creedon "
Nov 11, 2020
"After spinal surgery, I knew exactly who I would go to for my physical therapy.... Broadway Physical Therapy. Dr Feniger and his amazing staff have been my go-to place for many years. He has the ability to alleviate the stress and pinpoints pain that starts disappear within a few visits. He explains things in detail so you know exactly where you are at, and if you ever have a question, his extremely professional staff is always there to answer any questions you have. Thank you Dr Feniger for always getting me on track...I highly recommend Broadway PT!!"
Jun 29, 2020
"I had back surgery two and a half years ago, still in pain and worried I hesitantly came to a back seminar Dave was giving about back pain. After hearing his own story about back surgery and his explanations about physical therapy I decided to give it a try. My first meeting with dave was very thorough and he evaluated me better than most physicians I have seen over the years. In about a month and a half he relieved almost half of my issues and I’m feeling much better and less worried about my back. He told me he could help and he did I can’t express how he relieved my pain and my worries. He not only worked on me he also taught me different stretches that I can do at home to keep my self in good shape. Thank you David and staff for helping me and improving my quality of life."
Jan 09, 2020
"I was diagnosed with a slight rotator cuff tear by my Orthopedic doctor after he sent me for an MRI. He advised me that I needed surgery and he stated that he has performed 100's of these surgeries. I opted for physical therapy instead, after my wife and I saw an advertisement for a Workshop by David from Broadway Physical Therapy about rotator cuff tears. This Workshop was so informative about rotator cuff tears and how physical therapy could achieve getting your complete range of motion and strength back without surgery in most cases. I made several appointments with Broadway Physical Therapy, and I have so far been able to get my full range of motion back and am presently working on getting my strength back. I am very happy with the results I have achieved through going to Therapy."
Nov 19, 2019
"Words cannot express fully the gratitude I feel towards David Feniger and his staff at Broadway Physical Therapy. I recently had a knee replacement in June and have been going to David, Nikki, and Elan for my rehabilitation. During the course of my therapy a problem developed which caused me to have a revision surgery to correct the problem. Afterwards, I developed a dropped foot due to the nerve being stretched out because of the problem I had encountered. The prognosis for my foot returning to normal was 7 to 8 months of therapy. Well, it has only been 6 weeks since my revision surgery and my foot has returned to normal. The rehabilitation of my knee has also been exceptional. I have been able to return to my normal activities sooner than I had anticipated for which I credit David and his staff and his considerable expertise and knowledge. Marie and Michelle who run the scheduling and billing are also exceptional individuals who are there completely to accommodate the patients in their scheduling and billing needs. When anyone asks me for a rehabilitation facility to help their with their rehabilitation needs, the only place I would recommend is Broadway Physical Therapy."
Oct 22, 2019
"Broadway Physical Therapy is an extraordinary facility. David Feniger and his staff are wonderful therapists. They are so knowledgeable and compassionate. Marie, his office receptionist, and Michelle, his billing manager, are warm and Johnny on the spot with scheduling and insurance issues. I've had the pleasure of working with his entire therapy staff-Nikki, and Elan as well and they are terrific. I highly recommend Broadway Physical Therapy for your rehabilitative needs."
Jul 29, 2019
"David and the staff were very professional and extremely courteous. He took the time to review my case with me and to explain the treatment plan in detail. I followed his plan and got relief very quickly. I highly recommend Broadway PT."
Jul 18, 2019
"David and the rest of the staff at Broadway physical therapy are absolutely great at what they do. I ruptured my achilles tendon and at my first visit I remember David saying to me "I will get you back to playing basketball, I promise you". I was amazed at the confidence he showed and more impressed at the plan that was laid out for me in my recovery process. David and the rest of the staff at Broadway physical therapy are knowledgeable and bring a ton of experience with a proven track record of results. I want to thank David and everyone at Broadway physical therapy for making my recovery journey pleasant and challenging and as promised I have returned to playing basketball again."
Jun 11, 2019
"On 6/1/2017, I tore my Left Biceps which resulted in immediate surgery. I was referred to Broadway Physical Therapy for a 3 month rehab program. David, the owner, was my therapist and he assured me that after my rehab was complete I could resume to normal activities, which I absolutely did. David’s knowledge and concerns for the individual is amazing. It is almost 2 years now since my surgery and I am doing fantastic. The atmosphere in the clinic is always inviting and friendly. BPT has a very dedicated staff. From the moment you are greeted by Marie at the front window to each and every one of the therapists. The entire staff gives 100% of their time and effort into getting you better and on your road to recovery quickly. Having surgery is overwhelming as it is but at BPT I always felt comfortable and assured that everything was going to be ok. "
May 08, 2019
"I recently had a total reverse shoulder replacement and I am extremely happy with my progress. I expect to be playing golf in the near future. If anyone is looking for a physical therapist that is very patient, knowledgeable and thorough this is the place to come and ask for Dave."
Apr 30, 2019
"Upon completion of a successful PT Program at Broadway Physical Therapy for a Laminectomy & Spinal Fusion Surgery, it was decided to address the issue of Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet. Using the process of Anodyne Therapy the level of numbness & tingling in my feet has been decreased dramatically. I have no trouble getting to sleep & staying asleep. There is no instability in my walking. This Peripheral Neuropathy was a pre-existing condition to the Spinal Surgery. Anodyne Therapy is definitely worth a try; especially with Dave & his proficient staff. "
Mar 10, 2019

I have been a patient at Broadway Physical Therapy on various occasions, most recently, following a broken arm. The staff is outstanding in their dedication and treatment. They are concerned for their patients while encouraging them to meet their maximum potential. As a result, I have seen significant improvement.

Thank you David, to you and your staff.

Theresa Esposito
Jersey City

To: Dave and the Staff of Broadway Physical Therapy

Just a word of thanks for all your help – Not only for getting me back to work but also for avoiding surgery. I have to say that my future was not too bright 3 months ago when I came limping into your building with injuries to my hamstring and shoulder. You and your pleasant and caring staff got me through this little mishap and showed me that exercise really isn’t so bad.

Thanks Again,
Bob Turi

Prior to going to David Feniger, I underwent eight months of aggressive physical therapy for a frozen shoulder. The therapy was painful and I still had not regained full range of motion. They told me there was nothing more they could do. The orthopedist was unhappy with this result so I went to Broadway Physical Therapy. David worked with me for 4 weeks (approximately 8 sessions) during which time I experienced no pain and regained complete range of motion. The orthopedist was amazed. David’s extensive experience working with and rehabilitating professional athletes makes him outstanding in his field.

Patti Katz

Professional Athlete Testimonials

To David,

Thanks for putting me on the road to recovery and prolonging my career.

Health and Happiness

Bruce Driver #23,
New Jersey Devils 1983-1995,
New York Rangers 1995-1998
Stanley Cup Champions, 1995

To Dave,

Thanks for keeping my knee in one piece. You guys do the best rehab.

Ken Daneyko #3
New Jersey Devils 1983-2003
Stanley Cup Champions, 1995, 2000 & 2003

Thanks for all your help, first with my knee, than my groin – just in time to hoist the cup.

Turner Stevenson #24
New Jersey Devils 2000-2004
Stanley Cup Champions, 2003

To David,

The greatest therapist I ever had.

Ray Mercer
WBO Heavyweight Champion, 1991
Olympic Heavyweight Gold Medalist, 1988